Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mermaid Watercolour

I did this months ago for Guido Kuip. It's watercolour and ink - one of the few traditional paintings I've done in years and I am still rather unhappy with the tail. (I decided not to edit the tail out in photoshop, though I did clean up a few other lines.) One day I'll use this as a base and make a better digi-painting out of it, but I thought you might like to see the original.

I'm currently on vacation and going through my old files to see if there's anything I wanted to post that I hadn't before, or things I didn't finish that I'd still like to, or if there was anything I wanted to toss. I'll let you guess which group has more work that falls into it! ;]


  1. Yay, an update! ;) I actually dig the fact that it's a different take on the tail, not typically fish-like.

  2. Loooove it! I like what you did to the tail.
    I've painted a lot with watercolor lately but more like angrily splashing blobs on the paper trying to look artsy ;-)