Thursday, January 13, 2011

Landscape Study 001

In an effort to improve my environments/backgrounds, I've decided to do some landscape studies! Since Toronto doesn't really offer sweeping vistas, I picked up a couple of books filled with landscape photographs to do some studies from.

Here's the first one! It's based on an image from the book "The Frozen World" by Patrick Hook. (The book also has pictures of penguins. :D )


  1. nicely done! how long did it took you?

  2. Visit up here Britt. Sweeping snow-covered vistas from the windows! : )

  3. Grafguy - Around 4 hours, but I was watching Billy Elliot and then Mythbusters at the time. :P So probably about 2 hours if you cut out the time I spent staring at a boy being a ballerina and things blowing up!

    Virpi - Yeah it's not a bad idea actually. I have an interview next week, so we'll see after.