Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snow Leopard Lady

We're doing a pin-up book to raise money for WWF over at Not Your Father's Pin-up, and I got all excited about it and did this sketch today. :P


  1. WWF? World Wrestling Federation? Cool! Also, I've thought about sub-mitting to dat pin-up thing too. Me hopes to produce something soon.

    Oh, and nice drawing! What did u do that with? The technique's interesting.

  2. World Wildlife Foundation. :P

    and it's still digital, like everything else i do. Tried to make it look like pencil and copic marker, but not sure if it looks that way. :P

  3. I think it looks a lot like marker, but I knew it was digital, which is why I had to ask. Did u do that in Painter or Photoshop?