Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Figurine! Re: Pottery

So as you might have noticed from an earlier post I've been doing pottery once a week for a couple months now, and recently started taking a more intensive class for it.

This was a figurine that I scuplted in week two of said class, finished sculpting her the next week, fired her, glazed her and then fired her again and just got her back. She's done! There's a bunch of things I learned on the way that I would change now (unfortunatey once she's fired you can't really go back!) but for a first attempt at a hand-built porcelain statue, I think she came out pretty good. :]

First Picture is a process picture - after she's been fired the first time, the glaze when it was put on, and after she was fired the second time. The rest are pictures of her complete!

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